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From Beginner to Pro, fine tuning to playing with more confidence, any age welcome; we have a private lesson to suit your needs!


For beginners, Andrew will design a program utilizes stress-free, easy to understand methods, ensuring that you get all the fundamentals right and not to develop any bad habits at the beginning of your golf game.  By learning the correct basics of the golf swing, you’ll save yourself time and improve faster.

  • Recommended Sessions: 6 hourly lessons package

  • Modules: to cover the fundamentals of grip, aim, posture, stance, alignment, ball position and the mechanics of an efficient swing



This program is for children ages 6-15. Specific attention will be given to swing development, developing a sharp, positive competitive attitude with emphasis on demonstration and video analysis by Andrew.  It’s a lot of fun.

  • Recommended Sessions: 6 hourly lessons package

  • Modules: Fundamentals of golf instruction, miniature game tournaments and a lot of other recreational activities that make the lessons more fun



The mid-handicap program is designed to build strong and repeatable skills to get you to the next level. Club selection, course management and control of shots are focused on to achieve confidence and consistent play.

  • Recommended Sessions: 4 x 1 hr lessons at range; 1 x 18-hole course

  • Modules: Course management, club selection, control of trajectory, bunkers, short games, putting.

Mid handicap


The advanced player program focuses on the little details that can make a big difference; like playing the wind, trouble shots, different short game techniques and pre-shot routines. Fine-tuning your mechanics and streamlining your game will promote score improvement

  • Recommended Sessions: 4 x 1 hr lessons at range; 2 x 18-hole on course

  • Modules: Fine-tuning mechanics, course management, club selection, control of trajectory, bunkers, short games, putting, trouble shots, pre-shot routines.

Advanced professional
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