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  • Will you videotape my swing?
    I use the video camera and swing analysis applications extensively for tailor-made individual golf learning program, which enables you to understand your own swing much better.
  • Will you change my swing completely?
    Possibly. It all depends on the skills you already have. Most swings have certain good points and I only change your weaker areas that will lead you to achieve better skills and more consistency in your game in the long run.
  • Can you help even a single-digit handicap?
    I can fine tune different aspects of both the long and short games. I have experience in teaching players ranging from beginners to professionals with results. One example is one of my students in England who aged 14 when he first came to learn from me on his golf and I helped him to become a scratch player when he reached 16.
  • How do I book my lesson?
    You only need to browse the site with the types of lesson you need and check with Andrew on his availabilities. Simply fill the booking request form and submit, or send Andrew an email or Whatsapp, and we’ll get back to you shortly for booking confirmation.
  • What if I cancel?
    If you need to change the date of your lesson, there is no charge. However, if you cancel LESS than 1 day (24 hours) in advance, we will not refund your lesson. In the event of emergency cancellations, we will review each situation on a case by case basis
  • Are Group lessons as efficient as individual lessons?
    One-to-one tuition is definitely the best way to progress. Group coaching is a good way to start, as the cost is less and some people find others company during the lesson makes it more enjoyable. Personally, to get on quickly in the game I would choose personal coaching every time.
  • Will you provide on-course coaching?  Is on-course coaching important in learning golf?
    The answer is yes to both questions. Golf is very much a two-phase game. Practicing on the range and playing on the course are equally important in developing your game. There are many aspects that a golfer will encounter on the course but not at the range. Just to mention a few: uneven lies, difficult lies i.e. rough, short games, course strategy and club selection, rules and etiquette. Please click here to check out our on-course program.
  • My score is between 90-100, how many lessons and how long do you think it will take to break 90 consistently?"
    This is obviously a very difficult question as everybody progresses at a different pace. However, if we take somebody for instance of average sporting ability, we will be looking at trying to shave 10 shots off their rounds. This is a big jump but with regular tuition of one lesson every 2-3 weeks plus practice and getting to the course once a week, I would estimate approximately 12 months is the time scale.
  • I struggle to get distance, so how can I achieve more clubhead speed?"
    In my experience, most people can achieve a reasonable clubhead speed. Where a loss of distance normally occurs is the way the speed is applied to the ball. Be sure that your clubface, swing path and angle of attack into the ball is your priority. If you are sure these factors are good in your swing, then it could be techniques in generating speed are needed.
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