“I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand”


Andrew will give you an individual assessment and consultation session to discuss your needs on golf techniques and to design the appropriate learning modules.

Andrew will then base on the individual needs and develop a personal training program that is suitable for you.

All your swing techniques are videoed individually and your swing is analysed with the use of golf analysis app so you can completely understand your swing dynamics.

Venue options: SCAA or Clearwater Bay Golf Club



Andrew Good is offering different on-course lessons covering all aspects of the game (long/short/chipping/putting/bunker and competition play) that are designed to improve your golf to the next level.  There are several ways of learning through playing with the professional in different on-course lesson:

  1. You can do all the playing and Andrew walks with you, observing your strategy, swing and style and makes suggestions as you go.  It is recommended for this sort of lesson if you are the type of person who likes one-on-one direction.

  2. You both can play.  You will get the chance to receive instruction and the opportunity to observe an expert player in action.  Pay particular attention to the rhythm of Andrew's professional swing, the way he manages his game and how you can incorporate them into your own game.

  3. Andrew the pro to manufacture typical on-course situations for you to deal with e.g. place your ball behind the tree, or get you analyse a shot that requires carry over the hazards etc.

Venue: Clearwater Bay Golf Club 



This is another way to learn if you are not getting the time you need on the golf course or simply want to improve your on-course skills even more.

Both SCAA and Clearwater Bay have cutting edge simulators which help you work on course strategy, club distances and are really great for analyzing your shots. What's more, this can all be done indoor without worrying about the weather conditions.

 Venue options: Clearwater Bay Golf Club or SCAA


*Note:  Coaching rate varies in different teaching venues, please refer to “Book Lessons” page for details. 


    A personalized training program that is suitable for you

    Cover the fundamentals on golf techniques. All swing techniques are videoed and your swing is analysed.  Recommended: 6-hour package



    per 60 mins


    Develop potentials to be a better golfer

    More emphasis is placed on demonstration as children tend to be excellent mimics when watching a swing.  Also, to provide opportunity to experience golf in a fun way and develop their potentials to become better golfer. Recommended: 6-hour package



    per 60 mins


    Personalized two-phase learning

    Andrew will work on a personalized improvement plan to fulfill your potential and goals e.g.  improve swing techniques, playing in rough, short games, course strategy and club selection, rules and etiquette.   Recommended: 4-hour range; 1 x 18-hole on course



    per 60 mins at the range plus $2,400 per 9-hole on-course


    Little details that can make a big difference

    Fine-tuning your mechanics and streamlining your game will promote score improvement; like playing in the wind, trouble shots, different short game techniques and pre-shot routines.  Recommended: 4-hour range; 2 x 18-hole on course



    per 60 mins plus $2,400 per 9-hole on-course