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Why we need a club fitting specialist before you purchase your clubs?
PING g-25Because we are all different and we don’t all swing the same. A. Good’s advice on Good Equipment can give you a good start in Golf.

We are all different in build, height, length of arm, length of fingers and this will affect the choice of club for you. It is always important to get a qualified golf professional to look at your golf swing whilst hitting golf balls on a range or practice area to see the ball flight and distance before you can select a suitable golf club from a variety of choices, or to be custom-fitted. You can get good advice from Andrew on:

  • Loft/Lie for more consistent shots
  • Club length for correct posture
  • Flex of shaft for more power and accuracy and many others

In view of the increasing demand from Andrew’s students to get advice in golf equipment, Andrew has recently become the appointed agent of

  • Ping Golf Fitting Centre

And you can find more news from Andrew Good about the latest golf equipments of other brands he would like to recommend to you in the future. Moreover, demo clubs can be brought to your golf lesson for trial and exclusive discounts will be offered for Andrew’s students.

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