Becoming a Pro

Young golfer
Most golf professionals start playing at an early age and recognize they have a talent for the sport although there have been exceptions to this. (Some pros have started in their 20′s)

Along with the talent, you must enjoy the game so much that you want to hit golf balls everyday. Such enjoyment of the game drives the individual to practise and play until they become a good player.

Most Pro’s excel in their teenage years in Amateur Competitions and normally progress to top amateur tournaments before considering turning professional. I also believe that somebody turns pro for the reason of playing more golf and competing in a more competitive environment.

To become a member of a PGA, each country has different standards of membership. For example, the British PGA requires a handicap of 4 or better and certain educational qualifications before commencement of training. Then, you need to complete a minimum of 3 years training. Whether it is becoming a tournament pro, teaching pro or another golf-related business, you need to go through the 3 years training before you can be eligible for membership.

Andrew Good drivingTo be a Tournament Pro on one of the world’s top tours, you are required to hold a handicap certificate of at least scratch or better before you can enter one of these tour qualifying.

Only a small percentage of professionals make there living out of playing golf alone. Many professionals realize they have talents outside the players circle such as teaching, retailing, club fittings, golf resort management or other golf related businesses.

This is a very brief outline about becoming a Pro. Anybody who is seriously interested can search the web for more information. Good golfing and best of luck!


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