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Chiu Hoi-To, now 8 years old, has been taught by Andrew since he was 5 years old. He is one of Andrew’s top junior students and keeps the winning momentum going in 2005. During the Easter break in 2005; he played 2 junior tournaments in Hong Kong (The 10th Kau Sau Chau Grand Junior Medals Challenge, and 2005 Macgregor Junior Championship) and 1 in China (US Kids Golf Quarterly Tournament 2005-1st Quarter) and he came first in everyone! i.e. he has achieved 100% win record for this year so far.

In 2005, B Tsai finally came First in Junior Order of Merit in 2005 organized by Hong Kong Golf Association 


Andrew Good and Chiu Hoi-To

Andrew Good and Chiu Hoi-To

Ben Evans won at the Faldo’s under-21 Series at Fanling Golf Course in January 2005. Before I moved to Hong Kong, Andrew coached Ben at Dale Hill Golf Club in England through the Sussex Golf Union Junior Program. Back then, Ben showed lots of talent and his scores were very quick to fall achieving a handicap of 5 at the age of 13. When Andrew left England, Ben had been picked to represent England at schoolboy level.

Ben Evans won at the Faldo's under-21 Series

Ben Evans won at the Faldo’s under-21 Series

B-Chai’s second victory came from a Play-off

As some of my students might notice, one of my youngest students, Chiu Hoi-To (B-Tsai) who has been taking lessons with me for the last 2 and half years is one of the talented junior players in Hong Kong. He has been playing in various junior tournaments recently and he came first in a MacGregor Junior Championship of Hong Kong 2004. And what’s more, it was his first time victory out of an exciting 3-player play-off.

Chiu Hoi-To

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