Private On-Course Lesson

Andrew Good’s Tailor-Made On-Course Lesson

Private lessonsAndrew Good, PGA Qualified Professionals, is offering different on-course lessons covering all aspects of the game (long / short / chipping / putting / bunker and competition play) that are designed to improve your golf to the next level. Each Tuition Program is specifically tailored to the individual or group’s golfing needs.

There are several ways of learning through playing with the professional in different on-course lesson:

  1. You can do all the playing and the professional walks with you, observing your strategy, swing and style and makes suggestions as you go. I would recommend this sort of lesson if you are the type of person who likes one-on-one direction.
  2. You can both play. You will get the chance to receive instruction and the opportunity to observe an expert player in action. Pay particular attention to the rhythm of the pro’s swing, the way I manage my game and how you can incorporate them into your own game.
  3. The pro to manufacture typical on-course situations for you to deal with e.g. place your ball behind the tree, or get you analyze a shot that requires carry over the hazards etc.

Venue : Golf courses in Southern China

One-day Private On-Course Instruction

Andrew is known for his on-course instruction which immerses you in solving the problems and facing the challenges of actual play. In addition to the fundamentals, you’ll also learn game flow, course strategy, club selection, and special shots. It’s important to learn in a real golf situation along with the range.

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One day Short Game+9 holes Instruction

This popular session provides a great tune-up for a game going wrong in the short game, or a comprehensive introduction for new golfers who want to get started right. You will learn and improve some aspect of the short game: chipping, putting, pitch shots, sand shots. This program is also a great refresher course to sharpen up your golf if you have taken a break from the game.

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Your First Actual Play Experience

After learning the fundamentals of golf swing at the range, you are now ready to hit the course. This program is designed for the new players who take their first time experience on the golf course. Andrew will take you to the range to go through the overall basic swing, short games, bunkers and putting as well as the golf rules and etiquette required on your game. He will then take you on course for 9-hole to experience the actual play. This is most suitable for one-to-one or two people session.

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