Your First Golf Lesson With A Good Pro

Any of this sounds familiar?

Practicing hard but handicap staying the same?
Ripping your drive but scoring badly?
Don’t know how to improve your golf swing?

Taking your first golf lesson with Andrew Good, British PGA through a 60 minute assessment will show you exactly what is needed to improve your game. The assessment is completely personalized to your standard and therefore suitable for everyone.
With over 15 years of golf knowledge and teaching experience, Andrew quickly established his reputation in Hong Kong for his experience and knowledge in diagnosing the technical of a golfer, whether beginner or single handicap player and to help players at all levels to improve their games. He will be totally honest with his assessment and tell you how he can help you.

In the Full Swing – before, during and after video analysis help explain clearly adjustments needed to improve shot making and consistency. These alterations are explained in precise detail and then applied with appropriate practice drills.

You can also select the Explanar Lesson which helps beginners build a good golf swing in a short space of time

After your first lesson, you will be presented with a suggested plan of improvement showing you the key areas of your technique and game that need improving to fulfill your potential and goals. The decision to have lessons following the lesson is totally up to you.

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