Meet The Pro

Meet The Pro: Andrew’s Story on His Journey to Scratch

Meet the pro

Andrew started playing golf at the age of 13 and he took lessons right from the start at his local golf club. He did not join the club straight away but practised for 6 months without going on the course. Andrew felt this did him no harm and actually gave him time to build his swing without the distractions that the course can bring with other parts of the game. Anyway, when he did venture to the course, he remembered his first round being 106. Once he got the taste of actually putting his practise to the course, he remembered his scores quickly started to drop, breaking 80 very soon after his 14 birthday, and then winning his club’s Men’s Scratch Championship at 15. By the time he was nearly 17, he decided to make a career out of the game and turned pro. He won his first Pro event during that year having just turned 17.

Along with his own successes, Andrew has been teaching since 1988 and has assisted thousands of students to improve their games. He brings nearly 20 years of golf experience including many years of professional tournament play from England. He surely brings valuable experience and knowledge to golfers of all abilities now here in Hong Kong and takes their games to the next level.