Enhance Performance

Andrew is giving Trackman lessons in Causeway Bay. Tackman helps students to monitor their performance from understanding swing plane, angle of attack, spin, clubface position, swing path, clubhead/ball speed and more. As improvement is made you will see your Trackman numbers also improve. Trackman Golf   Click here for more: www.trackmangolf.com   K-Vest Helps to [...]

About Golf Lessons

Who Should Take Golf Lessons? The answer is simple: Any golfer who wants to improve should take golf lessons. But having said that, I find there are several key elements required in order to learn the most from taking golf lessons: Time to practice Find a skilled golf instructor Have the patience and an open [...]

Ask the Pro / FAQ

Having problems with your game? Can’t figure out what is going wrong? Don’t worry, send us an e-mail, Andrew Good will give you the answers to solve your specific problem. * We will select some to reply if there are too many responses.* FAQ Will you change my swing completely? Possibly. It all depends on [...]

Golf Rules & Etiquette

Golf Rules Golf is a game rife with rules of play, rules of etiquette and rules of scoring. You may never master all the intricacies of these rules, but you should familiarize yourself with some of the more important ones. The Ten Rule You Need To know You must play the same ball from the [...]

Golf Fitness

If you are going to have fun playing golf, you have to get your body ready to play golf for a lifetime. Since your physical structure affects the way you play this game, you need to work on problem areas with physical conditioning. The program normally is designed to help establish the following areas: Balance [...]

Equipment / Training Aids

Why we need a club fitting specialist before you purchase your clubs? Because we are all different and we don’t all swing the same. A. Good’s advice on Good Equipment can give you a good start in Golf. We are all different in build, height, length of arm, length of fingers and this will affect [...]

Becoming a Pro

Most golf professionals start playing at an early age and recognize they have a talent for the sport although there have been exceptions to this. (Some pros have started in their 20′s) Along with the talent, you must enjoy the game so much that you want to hit golf balls everyday. Such enjoyment of the [...]

Beginners' Guide

Begin the Golf Journey – Beginners’ Guide As you begin this journey — a trip that you may very well enjoy for the rest of your life — it is important to understand just one thing. Golf is best when taken lightly and keep the game in perspective — have fun — and the game [...]