My Tour News

Australian Open 2009 The Omega China Tour I recently played in my first competition of the year on the Omega China Tour ( This year, the China Tour has allowed 10 international players to join. A Qualifier was staged to determine the 10 internationals and fortunately I qualified earlier in the year. The 1st event [...]

Explanar: Junior

Andrew Good, together with his in-depth knowledge, expertise and understanding of the golf swing, is able to use Explanar to improve student’s golf swing. It is an immediate training aid that provides Andrew’s student with a reference point for the optimum swing plane. The theory behind it is based on the many research and study [...]

Your First Golf Lesson With A Good Pro

Any of this sounds familiar? Practicing hard but handicap staying the same? Ripping your drive but scoring badly? Don’t know how to improve your golf swing? Taking your first golf lesson with Andrew Good, British PGA through a 60 minute assessment will show you exactly what is needed to improve your game. The assessment is [...]

Plane Swing

Build a Powerful and Repeatable Swing World’s #1 Kinaesthetic Golf Swing Trainer Guaranteed improvement in weeks, not years Includes PowerSLIDER (weighted training club) 30 Day money back guarantee The upgrade for Explanar PlaneSWING® The World’s #1 Swing Plane Trainer for Home amp; Club Instant understanding and instant results – guaranteed! That’s why people love PlaneSWING® PlaneSWING [...]